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Image by Marissa Brisker @RissyBobby

Amber J. Phillips

The High Priestess of Black Joy

My name is Amber J. Phillips and I’m a writer, organizer, digital strategist, and creative who cultivates Black Joy. Black Joy is our right to celebrate, relax, and love free from oppression and violence. I develop content that envisions Black folks in the future while telling the truth about our world in the present.

Known as the High Priestesses of Black Joy, my work has been featured on ESSENCEThe Breakfast ClubHuffington Post, NPR's 1A, and as a former regular contributing panelist on Roland Martin’s NewsOne Now.

I believe that Black women, girls, and femmes are multilevel geniuses who are constantly overcoming multilevel bullshit. Which is why I write stories, create culture, and build campaigns that shift and dismantle the negative, early, and consistent messages we are taught to accept about Black womanhood.

In so many ways, Black Joy is freedom in practice and liberation carried out. Our desire to be free and feel free, is a universal need and demand. Any work that I create is deeply personal and specific to the communities that I love and call home. My deepest desire is to use stories and humor to achieve universal solidarity and ignite actions that chip away at the oppression people of color face everyday.

This is my piece of the internet. It will grow as I do. Stay tuned, my loves!

In your life, if you’re lucky enough, you are born during a moment in time when the world is ready for the change you’re bringing. So all that’s left for you to do is your work.
— Jacqueline Woodson

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