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My name is Amber Phillips and I’m a storyteller, multimedia creative and reproductive justice activist.

I’m a relentless Black feminist who believes that Black women, girls, and femmes are multilevel geniuses who are constantly overcoming multilevel bullsh*t. Which is all the reason I need to I write stories, create culture, and build campaigns that imagine a world where Black womanhood is an overwhelming experience of safety, pleasure, and joy.  

Formerly known as the High Priestess of Black Joy, I co-created and co-host The Black Joy Mixtape podcast, a show that uses comedy and grit to breakdown the trending stories in news, politics, and pop culture through a Black feminist lens. The Black Joy Mixtape has been critically-acclaimed as a leading podcast in politics and humor by Teen Vogue, Saint Heron, Refinery29,, The Root, Bitch Media and

My musings on Black women, politics, pop culture, and reproductive justice have been featured on, Huffington Post, Rewire, The Breakfast Club, and as a former contributing panelist on Roland Martin’s NewsOne Now. My talent for creating culture has most recently led me to be a founding Annenberg Participatory Media Innovation Fellow at the University of Southern California with the support of the MacArthur Foundation. I also serve as the Creative Director of the Midwest Culture Lab engaging creatives and communities of color to build political power and tell untold stories in the Midwest.

In your life, if you’re lucky enough, you are born during a moment in time when the world is ready for the change you’re bringing. So all that’s left for you to do is your work.


scarcity is Fake AF.